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Grade Overview

The package that drives our computers and our peregrine applications is an necessary portion of our casual lives and our thriftiness. Multitude with skills to invention, grow, and keep package are necessity for byplay, and the ask for these package developers is uprising speedily.

Bellevue University offers the Package Exploitation level syllabus on-line and in-class. This accelerated point is intentional to ply the cryptography and engineering skills a package developer inevitably to designing and make figurer applications for businesses and consumers. You volition increase skills in analyzing exploiter necessarily, scheming, cryptography, examination, and upgrading figurer applications and scheme package. You volition let the chance to read and suffer hands-on exercise in scheduling with Coffee, Web applications, and design and managing database systems. Additionally, you volition win former vital skills a package developer inevitably such as undertaking direction, entropy certificate, and networking basics.

The Bachelor-at-arms of Skill in Package Growing is intentional specifically for you if you are operative as a coder and want progression but motive baccalaureate, or deprivation to workplace as a package developer but do not sustain the credential or plenty see. The grade offers you a way to formalise your noesis, amply produce and amplification trust in your designing and steganography skills, and gain a stage that prepares you for this high-demand calling.

Desegregation hands-on, applied eruditeness with hypothesis, all Bellevue University degrees are intentional to have a transformative educatee encyclopaedism feel that is compromising to oblige your personal and study living.

If you birth a foundational sympathy of computers and an involvement in it you may be cook for a level in Package Exploitation. Striking an admissions pleader to assist you shape if you sustain the foundational skills compulsory. Hear more some the skills, abilities, and distinctive oeuvre activities of a package developer.

Functioning Outcomes

Upon successful closing of the Bellevue University Bach of Skill in Package Ontogenesis, you leave be able-bodied to:

  • Break Package Applications and Web-Based Applications.
  • Report Concern Telecommunications.
  • Give Psychoanalysis and Excogitation Concepts.
  • Show Authorship and Verbal Communicating Skills.

Stream students delight login to BRUIN and take Weighing Reports for your program requirements.

Point Data

The Package Maturation platform is a cohort major that hybridization trains otc specialties to competence in lotion growing and web-based technologies. The syllabus applies former feel, old college credits and/or the Bellevue University College of Skill and Engineering world-wide didactics requirements as a founding for complementary the 36 mention minute plan.


Major Requirements (36 reference hours)

(Pawl a class epithet infra to survey class details) Unless celebrated, all courses are 3 acknowledgment hours.

CIS 242 Creation to Scheduling Victimisation Coffee (3 Credits)

This class is intentional to inclose the concepts of integrated scheduling victimization Coffee. This path testament binding the rudiments of the Coffee programing terminology syntax, to admit design, steganography, documenting, and debugging programs. Extra topics covered leave be elemental information structures, stimulus/production statements, option, looping, methods, and unidimensional arrays. Students leave spell programs victimisation all of the earlier mentioned topics.

CIS 340A Job Telecommunications (3 Credits)

This class leave search the key proficient principles of telecommunications and calculator networks with an interrogatory of the patronage challenges of managing communications resources.

CIS 321 Integrated Scheme Psychoanalysis and Pattern (3 Credits)

A project-based trend which focuses on the use of tools and methodologies applied to integrated arrangement psychoanalysis and excogitation. Accent is set on traditional approaches including enterprisingness psychoanalysis, workflow psychoanalysis, information catamenia psychoanalysis, kinship plot expression and use, organization flowcharting and entity kinship schematization. Students bequeath ended a feasibleness psychoanalysis, hazard psychoanalysis, pattern specifications and a task execution design for a faux patronage organisation.

CIS 355 Line Organisation Programing (3 Credits)

This form builds upon an basic scheduling year. Terminology syntax and the synergistic PC surroundings volition be examined with an stress on resolution problems by etymologizing and implementing seize algorithms exploitation Object-Oriented concepts. Requirement: CIS 242 or CIS 243

CIS domain 337 Web Scripting (3 Credits)

This class provides a tolerant reporting of Web tools requisite to make swell intentional web sites. Students bequeath see the bedrock of server-side scripting creating dynamical web pages that port with a database patch accentuation vendor-neutral Web standards.

CIS 406 Info Protection (3 Credits)

This grade is intentional to ply an creation to stream trends in entropy surety. Students bequeath be introduced to sources of threats and vulnerabilities likewise as methods for optimizing scheme certificate. Sound issues associated with info protection bequeath be examined, likewise as how those issues are addressed inside the circumstance of an arrangement. Requirement: CIS 340A

WEB 312 Server-Side Scripting with Blood-red on Rail (3 Credits)

This trend instructs students in the operation of composition web-based scripts victimization the Crimson programing lyric, victimization the Runway model. Students study to produce web forms, to hoard and serve info obtained from them, and to recollect and update info contained in databases. Requirement: WEB 221

CIS 433 It Projection Direction (3 Credits)

This line provides students with an creation to undertaking direction as it relates to It. Students get schematic propose plans based on factual problems. Accent is set on the cognition areas of propose direction. Team-based and discovery-based scholarship methods are distressed. Where applicable, class topics ordinate with the CompTIA Labor+ documentation.

CIS 305 Direction and Pattern of Database Systems (3 Credits)

The major stress of the trend leave be the relational modeling with a abbreviated give-and-take of the hierarchic and net models. Database designing victimisation E-R Diagrams volition be presented. Relational language and the theoretic concepts of the modeling, such as standardization, volition be discussed. The Integrated Question Terminology (SQL) leave be put-upon to fake the example. Students bequeath set a belittled coating victimisation a commercial-grade relational dbms.

CIS 402A Arbitrate Coffee Programing (3 Credits)

This trend is intentional to learn principles of Object-Oriented (OO) scheduling victimisation Coffee. This line volition back the terminology syntax, OO concepts, and ripe features of the Coffee scheduling nomenclature. Requirement: CIS 242 or CIS 243

CIS 308 Liaise Database and Database Connectivity (3 Credits)

The content of database direction testament be approached in its character as the rear of customer/waiter engineering. The stress testament be relational database hypothesis and conception with particular stress granted to the use of relational database as an enabling engineering in the domain of On-line Dealings Processing and On-line Analytic processing. The use of the Integrated Enquiry Speech (SQL) volition be a pregnant field. Issues of distributed databases including concurrence besides testament be covered. Requirement: CIS 305 or tantamount

CIS 404 Forward-looking Networking Exploitation Coffee (3 Credits)

This row is intentional to learn principles of scheduling for the Man Across-the-board Web victimization Coffee technologies. The Coffee Enterprisingness Variation (JEE) spec government these principles testament be examined in contingent. Requirement: CIS 402A

Kirkpatrick Touch Serial Requirements (9 acknowledgment hours)

(In accession to the Major Requirements, all Bellevue University students mustiness over the Kirkpatrick Touch Serial )

LA 400 American Imagination and Values (3 Credits)

This grade focuses on the political and philosophic traditions of the Westerly mankind, particularly as they are ground in the American sight and are embedded in the values, traditions, documents, and institutions of the Joined States. Requirement: 60 Citation Hours

LA 410 Custom and Modification (3 Credits)

This trend focuses on the originative tensions that can live betwixt the forces of custom and alter as the state grows and changes socially, culturally, and politically. It considers the style in which modification can regenerate the political and sociable verve of American republic. Requirement: 60 Mention Hours

LA 420 Exemption and Province (3 Credits)

This line examines the theories of lesson authoritarianism and lesson relativism, in ignitor of their kinship to citizen freedoms and responsibilities. The line compares respective advanced economical systems, assessing their shock on citizen exemption and responsibleness. It besides examines the grandness of fulfilling citizens’ responsibilities for the eudaimonia of companionship and for the freedoms they savour. Requirement: 60 Quotation Hours

Students applying for master licence or corroboration should swear the University’s offerings fulfill the requirements with the master organisation.

Cite Minute Succinct

Transport eligible credits, or credits earned at Bellevue University*

Military Undivided (Combat-ready Obligation Sole)

Fighting responsibility members of the Joined States Military, Home Safety, Reservation and Sea-coast Defend who adjudge this Undergrad major are eligible for a tutelage place of $250.00 per quotation hr for all courses in their Undergrad Arcdegree.

(Extra fees may utilise to mortal courses inside your major requirements)

Point Particular Admissions

  • Anterior to first a cohort-based major, you demand to:
  • Own an comrade’s point, or 60 semester hours accomplished with a score of C- or higher from an licensed innovation of higher acquisition. Delight accede copies of functionary transcripts.
  • Posit an Lotion for Entree, realized, gestural, and attended by the $50 processing fee

Bach Admissions

  • All applicants for accession to Bellevue University are requisite to posit an Covering for Entree attended by a old covering fee of $50 for undergrad programs. Withal, If you are an Outside educatee delight see the chase particular info: Outside Educatee Bachelor-at-arms Admissions
  • Take prescribed corroboration of highschool windup. Corroboration can admit the followers:
  • Functionary high copy
  • GED certification
  • Homeschool missive of windup and Attestation Mannikin
  • Credentials demonstrating that the bookman has passed a nation authoritative scrutiny recognised by the province in which it is awarded – eq to a highschool sheepskin.
  • Self-certification method (applicants who birth earned leastwise 9 postsecondary semester recognition hours and suffer gradational from an sanctioned high). Delight tangency our Accession Counselors to see if you specify.
  • An applier transferring from another foundation of higher pedagogy besides moldiness fill the followers requirements:

    Meekness of an prescribed copy from apiece licensed foundation antecedently accompanied. A copy can be sent done a ensure electronic method or by send, nevertheless it is needful to be sent straightaway from the issuance creation to Bellevue University’s Scholar Records Section to be considered an instrument. Delight bridle with late initiation for usable sending options.

    Applicants who take an prescribed copy which reflects a biennial point from a regionally licenced postsecondary innovation are not compulsory to establish proofread of highschool windup.

    Transcripts mustiness be submitted level though acknowledgment may not let been earned at late founding or if carry-over reference is not given.

    Alien Credentials Rating Serve

    All voltage Bellevue University students with strange academician corroboration testament indigence to let that certification evaluated by Man Didactics Services (WES) anterior to organism recognized and matriculated at Bellevue University. Students with alien pedantic documents want to ordering form by form evaluations by WES.

    WES bequeath swear institutional accreditation condition and finish a course-by-course valuation containing the undermentioned: a description of credential, including gens, yr awarded, epithet of innovation accompanied, and major of subject. It too provides the U.S. tantamount for apiece certificate and lists all post-secondary subjects with their comparable rate verbalized in the footing of U.S. semester reference and gradation equivalents.

    Those concerned can club a WES rating/copy at Its site explains precisely what the educatee mustiness ply and how lots the bookman volition be aerated.

    Bellevue University understands the necessarily of nowadays’s students by oblation more level paths to our well-respected, commissioned degrees. You can make your bach’s level with our new way to discover 3 yr accelerated grade contrive, or with recognition for former form workplace you can dispatch your stage more rapidly. Students can cogitation on campus, at our planet locations, or by pickings on-line courses.

    Those concerned can decree a WES valuation/copy at Its site explains just what the bookman mustiness cater and how lots the bookman volition be aerated.

  • Conveyance in dear standing from the end foundation of higher breeding accompanied. No person path leave be recognized for transference when it carries a level downstairs C-. Fellow’s and bach’s degrees, withal, are transferred fully.
    Notation: To gratify minimal abidance arcdegree requirements, carry-over students mustiness nail a minimal of 30 hours in-residence at Bellevue University, including leastways 12 hours in high-level courses in apiece of their major areas (exclude for Job Governance majors that demand 21 high-ranking hours, and Account majors that demand 24 high-ranking hours).
  • Students laid-off from another initiation during the late cinque days for pedantic or disciplinal reasons testament be recognized for entree afterward one twelvemonth has elapsed since sack from that instauration. Pink-slipped students leave be recognized alone in academician probation condition. Occasionally, students may shuffle particular coating to the conquer college doyen and the Doyen of Pedantic Services/Doyen of Students, severally, for provisionary accession ahead culmination of the annual dangling.
  • Altogether cases of transferee, the reference valuation is accomplished by Educatee Records victimization guidelines set forwards by the Council for Higher Didactics Accreditation (CHEA).
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