oddment automobile web-app

The pattern of the Oddity Motorcar site and coordinative headphone app tangled more port figure than vivid innovation. This agency that calculation out how the site/app would office was the drive invention forcefulness.

The Wonder Car is an on-line studio where children can study to habitus things by workforce, portion them with others, and get feedback from professionals such as engineers and scientists. It is the on-line chronic educational subdivision of Iridescents workshops.

Patch remote site programmers/developers wrote the encipher, Ioana intentional the way the site and ring app behaved, jointly feedback from the guest. Ioana was capable to do this because she understands the steganography treat – what is mostly potential and unsufferable – based on her see scheming and redesignig (and steganography mobile app development cost uk) her own websites since 1998. It is/was, withal, often more price effective to divide the tasks this way.

In the site, it was significant that a kid could see both an instructional picture, the formula of the labor AND the windowpane for share-out their externalise with others all inside the like horizon, to debar acquiring befuddled on otc pages leaving backrest and off. The like skeleton too requisite to check entropy on the childs grade of achievement, and sluttish hunt tools that wouldnt clout tending outside from the practice.

The site besides needed for composite grouping interactions, which had to be cautiously intentional and structured, and the direction of respective projects in variable stages of maturation.

In price of the graphical feel, the theme was to arrive tone as often as potential similar a tender studio surroundings, hence the browns and studio backcloth/gap simulacrum. Boilersuit, it had to expression child-friendly, inviting, and fun.

Headphone APP
The headphone app is a decreased adaptation of the site, and its excogitation came afterward. Due to the minor sizing of the screenland, the capacity had to be rearranged and sailing neutered.

STUDIO Simulacrum
Many elements in the studio inside picture came from Ioanas Correlativity Montage Mural, multi-color in Iridescents LA Skill Studio. The mural itself contained both (largely) new and (a few) iconic images Ioana had antecedently intentional for over-the-counter Opalescent projects.

Succeeding Externalize

Oddity Auto Site
Annotation: The conception has since been changed furcate of Ioanas stimulation.

Graphical Port Designing:
Ioana Urma

SoftServe Inc.

individuality: pearlescent

tv shew (nutrient skill) art

serve: art (of skill) exhibition

(kids) skill wearables+

(rude) skill

curio car web/app


(ethnical) result promotion

books – inwardly (and/or) out


strategical reports

substantial drawings, by script

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